Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer Fun List: The Result

At the start of June I posted our summer fun list - a list of activities that we wanted to complete by the end of the summer. Autumn officially started back on September 23rd, so time is up and I'm ready to share what we accomplished:

* Vacation to Sesame Place --- Done. We had a really fantastic time!
* Road trip to Michigan --- Went swimmingly. The road trip was easier than expected actually.
* Take Charlotte to a movie --- We skipped this, mostly because there weren't any movies in the theaters that I thought she'd enjoy.
* Celebrate family birthdays --- My family's birthdays never really got celebrated (shameful), but we did celebrate with her cousins on Mark's side.
* Visit Bruster's for a treat --- Very yummy!!
* Play a round of mini golf --- She definitely looked the part, even if we didn't play a full 18 holes.
* Hike along the B&A trail --- Ha! Nope. Didn't happen.
* Play in the sprinkler. A LOT! --- With lots of yard work comes lots of sprinkler action!
* Do bubble painting artwork --- Fail. And this was one I really wanted to do!
* Make chalk drawings --- We did a lot of this. Here's an example.
* Bake a treat together --- Charlotte is a great kitchen helper, especially with chocolate chip cookies!
* Have a bubble party --- Nope.
* SWIM! As much as possible! --- That girl is a swimming machine!!
* Dunkin Donuts for breakfast --- Enjoyed by all.
* Make marshmallow sculptures --- Charlotte's cousin Penelope even joined in the fun!
* Visit the library often --- Not even once. But we did a lot of reading at home.
* Family day at the airplane park --- Nope.
* Go on a family picnic --- Not this either.
* Fourth of July fireworks --- Enjoyed these for sure and Charlotte even likes to sing about them!

I guess 12 out of 19 isn't too awful bad. Let's see if we'll be more successful our our fall/winter fun list - coming soon.


Jo said...

That's nice that you did a lot of fun stuff this summer. I'm sure Charlotte will have fond memories of some of these activities. Can't wait to see what's on your fall/winter list. I think you have inspired me to make one of those also. :-)

marie said...

I think 12 out of 19 is awesome! Maybe you need to extend your list to include a little bit of fall. Hiking the B&A trail sounds like a good fall activity.

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