Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Charlotte's little buddy, Oliver, just celebrated his 1st birthday on Sunday. We partied as a group on Thursday and then Mark, Charlotte and I got to have some extra time with the little guy when we babysat him Saturday morning. I see him regularly, but not for long periods of time. Especially during daytime hours. So I couldn't resist snapping some (unedited) photos:

He's such a doll, right?! Mark and I talk regularly about how lucky we are to have him in our life and what great friends he and Charlotte will be. We love him so much!!

P.S. I forgot how awesome it is to have a kid that stays relatively still. So much easier to take photos!

P.P.S. Oliver's parents, friends, random admirers, etc can certainly let me know if they'd like an edited version of any or all of the photos.


Mandy said...

Those first two pictures are the best! I love his teeth so much.

Jo said...

He is adorable!


This is actually Christine's worse half, Joe, and my son is super awesome!!!! Great work Katie!!!!

Grand Jacki said...

This baby is so cute I want to eat him up!! What a joy he brings to our life :)

marie said...

Super photos Katie! Of course you had an adorable subject to work with!
Charlotte sure is lucky to have such a sweet little buddy!

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