Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Small Things

One of the goals on my 30 Before Thirty list - one that, quite frankly, I'm shocked I accomplished - was to learn to style my hair different ways. I happened to go in for a long overdue cut yesterday, which got me thinking that I should share these styles with you. Not via photos of me (you don't need that in your life), but rather by linking you up to the blog that inspired me.

Kate is a professional hairstylist who writes over at The Small Things blog. She's been lovely enough to share video after video of how to recreate different hairstyles yourself. I'm a pretty basic girl, so here are my three favorites:

Maybe most of you have a handle on these hairdos already, but I'm styling-challenged and figured I'd share in case anyone else out there was too. And, on top of those general styles, she had loads of tutorials for updos and half updos. Maybe one day I'll try those too. Happy hairstyling!


Jo said...

It looks like a neat little blog. TFS!

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