Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Food, The Glorious Food

Just as I lamented that my camera wasn't great for candid WDW shots, it wasn't particularly great for food shots either. I snagged a couple decent ones, but it was just too hard to get far enough away to get them all like I'd planned. I didn't want to leave you without mouth-watering images of some of the great stuff we tried though, so here's some photos of mine and some photos I found out there on the web.

Our first major meal was dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney. It was so delicious that we headed back for breakfast later in the week. Neither meal is to be missed!! A great use of a quick service credit if you're on the dining plan. I got the bacon-wrapped meatloaf. Delish!

A few days later we stopped by Restaurant Marrakesh in the Morocco pavilion of Epcot. We'd never eaten there before and were thoroughly stuffed after trying their feasts. My favorites were the harira soup and beef brewat roll. Not everyone appreciates sweet and savory flavors together, but they're right up my alley!

Our first signature meal (Disney-speak for uber-fancy and uber-expensive) was at the California Grill atop the Contemporary Resort. We always use a couple of our meal credits to try a new signature restaurant since we'd never go to them otherwise. The bison and truffled mac & cheese here were really awesome! And the view of the fireworks that we got couldn't be beat.

Magic Kingdom is a busy day for us, so we only had time for a quick service restaurant when we went there - Columbia Harbour House. This is a must for us each trip. I always get the Anchors Aweigh sandwich (tuna salad), which we enjoy upstairs, where it's nice and quiet, even during busy times of year.

Our final dinner was at another signature restaurant - The Flying Fish at the Boardwalk. I was worried about eating here since I don't do seafood, but their Pepperberry-Grilled Pork Tenderloin was fantastic. So flavorful! So was the seasonal salad that I ordered as an appetizer, complete with produce grown in Epcot.

But nothing can compare to the brownie my sister got for dessert. Here's the description: "apple-wood smoked bacon praline crunch, smokey salt-scented chocolate sorbet and raspberry coulis". Sounds gross, right?! But I assure you, it was epic. As a lover of bacon she's always said that everything is better with it, except maybe brownies. Which is why she had to order this brownie for dessert. She said it's changed her world forever.

I'm glad we stretched our proverbial wings and tried some new things this trip. Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge had long been my favorite restaurant in all the World, but I've now got two more signature venues that I really like, not to mention the awesomeness that is Wolfgang Puck's. Now, to think about next year's trip...

P.S. A big thanks to Tracy over at Dollars and Sense Decor who gave me a Liebster award. The idea of it is to feature blogs you love with readerships of less than 200. Quite neat if you think about it - recognizing those who are just starting out, or who are blogging simply as a way to document their lives (like me). I read a pretty healthy mix of big name blogs and small journal-type blogs, and here are a few of my faves who I'd like to bestow the Liebster award too. These folks all have readerships of less than 200 according to their sidebar. Who knows how many others are catching their awesomeness on the sly!?! And if you ladies are game, go ahead and feature five other bloggers that you love! Thanks again Tracy!!

Free People
Lansdowne Life
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*ok, so her stats show 202 readers, but I couldn't resist linking up - she's hilarious
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marie said...

Oh my goodness...the food!!! : )

Congrats on the Liebster award. That is a neat idea...I'm off to visit htose you featured now!

Erin @ Lansdowne Life said...

Thanks for the recognition, Katie!

Funny, we just got back from Disney World too! We didn't do as much of the fancy eating this time. Mostly counter service. It's totally weird because we always eat upstairs at Columbia Harbor House too!

We did eat at Raglan Road at Downtown Disney one night and it was pretty fantastic!

Thanks again!

Mary said...

Wow, thanks! And now I'm starving!! lol

Jill Ison said...

Hi Katie!

Hey wow thanks for listing me as a favorite blog. made my day!! I have to say I was just talking about bacon with a friend the other day. He was talking about his favorite bacon at like a restaurant.... I didn't even realize you could have a favorite bacon, I thought you just like it or you didn't or maybe it was just ok. I think I will tell him of your sisters brownie dessert. If anyone can appreciate that I bet he could!!!

what a fantastic idea finding those hidden gems of blogs that not everyone knows about! I for sure have a few I could link up. Thanks again Katie.

:) J

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