Thursday, March 1, 2012

Looking Amazing, Mermaids & No Pictures!

Eeesh, it's March 1st and I'm just now getting around to sharing some of the funny things Charlotte's done lately. Even with an extra day last month I couldn't get it in in time. Ah well... just means this month will be super great since you'll get another anecdote post before the month's end. Lucky you!

* We have a floor length mirror on the landing near our bedrooms and Charlotte often carries on conversations with "Other Charlotte" in the mirror. The other day I overheard her telling her reflection, "You look amazing!"

* While in the car one day (some of our best conversations are in the car!!) we were discussing that when people get married they move in together. I asked if she was going to marry Oliver and where they'd live. She replied in an exasperated tone, "Momma, I'm just a kid." This from the girl who is looking forward to marrying him so they can kiss... on the lips.

* We were watching the Oscars with my family and Charlotte and Penelope were both up waaaay past their bedtimes. And their attitudes reflected that. At one point, one of them took something from the other and got a scream in response. The thief screamed back. Then they both burst into tears. I can't even describe how wholly pathetic and wholly hilarious it was all at the same time.

* Charlotte was about 45 minutes into her bath (those are entire evening long events around here) when she said, "I don't have running or walking power, just swimming power. I'm a mermaid."

* Miss Chuckles will be starting preschool (daycare really - our effort to get her used to interacting with kids her age before real schooling starts) soon and is most excited about learning her letters. And the playground. She won't stop talking about both those two things. Hopefully they live up to her expectations!

* I'd thought our Disney trip was the start of Charlotte's "No pictures!" rampage, until I found a whole series of photos that look like the one below from back in January. Here's hoping that phase ends soon. I'm tired of her hands being in her face in half my photos.


marie said...

Having witnessed the "wholly pathetic and wholly hilarious" event all I can say is......
HaHaHa!! It was hysterical...poor babies!

The older she gets the funnier her comments are. Love theones you shared today.

By the way...she DOES look amazing. Especially in this photo. Her hair is awesome!

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