Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Okay, okay. I couldn't resist sharing some of those funny things Charlotte's said that I mentioned yesterday. Thanks to Christine for the awesome notebook full of quotes, along with a couple I heard firsthand just last night.

* "Oliver looks like a partner," she said after noticing Oliver's cowboy hat.

* "My mom call me monkey and baby... all the time," she sighed. (A note from me: This is totally true.)

* "Oliver is little. Charlotte is big. Chrissy is giant big."

* Charlotte said, "My friend God make pretty flowers," to which Chrissy questioned, "Your friend God makes pretty flowers?" She answered, "for me."

* "They're like wings. They can flap," Charlotte said as she folded down Oliver's ears.

* Mark called while on his way back from the store with Charlotte and said, "Someone said they want to go to the chicken nugget store." Charlotte piped in in the background, "It was me. Charlotte."

* Charlotte has watched a lot of Strawberry Shortcake recently, which explains this gem: "I'm Baby Strawberry. You're Momma Strawberry. Daddy is Daddy Strawberry. Chrissy is Sister Strawberry. Oliver is Brother Strawberry. Gina is Cucumber."

Charlotte and Regina. With a hilarious photobomb from Joe. :)


Jo said...

Oh my goodness. My favorite was the "They're like wings. They can flap." Charlotte said as she folded down Oliver's ears" I can totally picture her doing that.

Joe said...

I happened to Laugh at "Oliver is Little. Charlotte is big. Chrissy is giant big".

We should do this with Elijah

marie said...

What is that pained expression on her face in the photobombed pic?!

I agree with Jo - I love the "wings" comment!

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