Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blue Steel

Strangely enough, Charlotte wanted to pose for some photos this past weekend. Weird, for sure. I think it's cause she liked her outfit, which admittedly was very cute:

Yeah, I don't know what's up with the hand under her chin, or the goofy look on her face. Or the lack of focus in the photo for that matter. Ignore all that. Instead zero in on her left foot. Do you see it? Let's take a closer look:

Charlotte was so proud of where she stowed away her chapstick lips. Some women go for the cleavage, but not my Chuckles. She's too lady-like for that. She actually ran around for several hours that morning with that little tube tucked away in her shoe strap. And never once applied the chapstick. Go figure. She did pose for some sweet photos though:

Oh, I probably should have warned you about the awesomeness of that last one. We like to call it 'Blue Steel'. :)


marie said...

Total awesomeness!
I love where she stores her "lips"! Smart girl.

Jo said...

Except for it being very obvious, putting "lips" in your shoe is a great idea. The pictures are too cute. I may have to steal #3 of the group of photos to do a scrapbook page... if you don't mind. :-)

The Bright Side said...

I love love LOVE these!!! She is quite the model, hehehe watch out for that one! SO CUTE!!!!

Aja said...

She is gorgeous!! Love the nickname and her awesome storage spot! :)

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