Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Aquarium Visit

While in Walt Disney World, Charlotte was really enthralled with the Living Seas. She loved looking at the fish and manatees that were on display and told Mark and I all about it (we were off picking up our bags, so missed it). We decided a trip to the aquarium was in order, so she could see a bit more of her scaled friends.

Mark gets free tickets through work and this past Sunday seemed as good a day as any to go. We sat through the dolphin show, which I found to be pretty boring. Charlotte was interested during all the warmups, while the dolphins are just playing around, but didn't care too much when the actual show began. Her favorite spot was the jellyfish area. She loved that they went "pump, pump, pump" to move around.

She also like the Australia section, complete with frogs, lizards, turtles, crocodiles and colorful birds. In fact, she liked the non-fish better than the actual fish. She said the fish were too stinky. Ha! And while her usual moniker is "no pictures", she was happy to pose for a cell phone photo with a shark mask on. Too cute!


marie said...

Love the first photo and those boots! The shark face is pretty cute too!

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