Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Longwood Gardens

Last week, while my Grandma was in town, we took a quick trip up to Kennett Square, PA to check out Longwood Gardens. My mom had been once before and loved it, but I have to admit I questioned her desire to make the trip. I mean, $18 for a ticket to see some flowers. Really?!

But the Gardens didn't disappoint. With over 1,000 acres of grounds there's a lot to see. Dozens of varieties of every type of plant imaginable, with room after room full of blooms, not to mention some pretty impressive outdoor gardens. Here are some photos from inside the conservatory along with one of the conservatory itself:

I plan to visit again later in the spring/summer (perhaps when the special light installation is in full swing) to see what's changed and to view the famous fountains, which sadly weren't running while we there. Too cold, probably.

Have you been to any huge gardens like this one before? The only thing I can compare it to is the Portland Rose Gardens in Oregon, but Longwood is soooooo much bigger. With all sorts of varieties of flowers, plants and trees, not just roses. Really, really amazing!


marie said...

You got some great photos Katie! The gardens are so beautiful!

I remember the castle gardens in Toronto. Those were lovely too...but not nearly as large as Longwood.

Welcome to the Lovely Life of Leah said...

omg i love lognwood! I have family in wilmington, DE and we used to go to longwood a few times a year. Once you go, there are no gardens that compare. Absolutely beautiful! great pics! My fav is the children's section. it's adorable!

Anonymous said...

We live a mile from Longwood. I never thought I'd consider any garden anywhere near as beautiful. But Bouchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia, are just spectacular. A much smaller space than Longwood, but absolutely stunning and another place where you can spend a whole day. If you ever have the opportunity to go, don't miss it!
Your photos are some of the best I've seen of Longwood!

~Kelly~ said...

I would love to visit this place! I'm wondering how long it would take from where I live!?! I'm off to find out. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

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