Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Party Planning

If you follow me on Pinterest, you've probably figured out what the theme of Charlotte's birthday party will be. Yup, my baby turns 4 (eeeeek!) in just over a month and I've been collecting ideas for several weeks now. Miss Chuckles requested a flower party, and I figure that's an easy enough request to oblige. Here's what I've been pinning so far:

Anything and everything flowers... from petal-filled ice cubes to lollipop flower tutorials. Now I've just got to whittle down all the options and make my final decisions. So much fun!!


Welcome to the Lovely Life of Leah said...

adorable theme! I can invision flower headbands, flower face painting, so much prettyness!

marie said...

It's a perfect theme and your yard will be a beautiful setting for it.
But about that "4" thing....how did she get to be so old!!!

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