Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blowing Kisses, Bacon and Biking

The month is nearly done, so it's time again to share some funny anecdotes about my monkey.

* After Charlotte's birthday she got moved to a new class in school. Neither she nor I have learned all the kids' names yet. That didn't seem to matter when a little boy came running as I picked her up to give her a hug. She sort of halfheartedly hugged him, but then turned around and blew him a kiss. Whaaaat?!?

* Charlotte has spent her fair share of time apologizing for being naughty, sitting in timeout and missing out on treats lately. She knows the drill now whenever she's bad. So much so that the other day when I jokingly slapped Mark's hand she looked me dead in the eye and said "Did you hit Daddy?" I cowered a bit and admitted I did. She put me in the corner, made me apologize and told me that nice people don't hit. Lesson learned.

* One of my favorite games to play with Charlotte is the "let's see who can be the quietest the longest" game. You know it, right? Well she does too and normally doesn't fall for my trap. But she was pretty worn the other day after running errands so when I suggested the game she said we could also play "who can keep their eyes the closed-est and be still" game. Count me in! Her she is, all zonked out after winning the game:

* Charlotte gets haircuts at the same salon I do, every 3 to 4 months (I go more often). After the last visit she told me she wants to grow her hair long. I asked how long and she said like Rapunzel, so people could climb it. I suggested that maybe Merida from Brave was a more realistic princess to model her hair after.

* Charlotte is so wishy-washy with her marriage plans (go figure that a 4 year old isn't decided on that yet). After saying the other day she wasn't going to marry Oliver, yesterday she told Chrissy (Oliver's mom and Charlotte's nanny) that she is and they're going to have a baby named Bacon. It's like a food, she explained.

* The summer is filled with fun activities at Charlotte's school. They're already had Splash Day (another one today actually) and Bike Day, with Zumba Day, Cowboy Day, etc planned for the rest of the summer. After Bike Day, Charlotte is a cycling expert. She helped Oliver put her helmet on yesterday so he could ride around my living room and said "That's how you do it son!" Thanks to my sister for teaching her that gem!


Jo said...

A baby named bacon. That is awesome.

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