Thursday, July 26, 2012

Firefighting, Cutting & Dancing

I probably said it last month, and if not then than probably the month before, and I'll say it again... I have got to start writing down the things I want to remember about Charlotte during the month instead of trying to come up with a list at the end. If for nothing else than to save my own sanity. Anyway, here goes...

* If I remember correctly, Charlotte has never before indicated she wanted to be anything in particular when she grew up. That all changed when she passed by a house near my parents' that had been on fire and was surrounded by fire trucks and ambulances. Now, she talks about wanting to be a firefighter all the time. But, she doesn't want to go in burning buildings - just use the hose and ladder. You know, the fun stuff.

* Given her avoidance of fire I suppose it's no surprise that she avoided sparklers on the 4th of July. She liked the fireworks we watched, but didn't want much to do with the sparklers that my brother bought for the group. She used a couple and then was done, content to sit and watch Penelope play with them. Ah well, at least she looked cute...

* And it's a good thing she's cute because the more she's in school the more unattractive habits she seems to be developing (I'm sure it has more to do with getting older than with school). Lately it's "But so-and-so started it..." that we hear all the time. In situations that make no sense, of course.

* But school is also teaching her loads of stuff. She knows way more songs than I think I've ever known, she thinks of all sorts of role-playing games and stories and she can cut like no other. Seriously, she'd sit down with with scissors and paper all day long if you let her.

* I'm hopeful that she's equally as excited about the dance class I've signed her up for. It starts in the fall and I'm so pumped about it. Having had 15+ years of dance classes myself I'm really interested to see what she thinks. She already dances around our family room and does some of the moves she learned on her ballet video, so I think she's gonna be a fan!

I'll be back next month to share some more about my monkey, although truth be told I'd be happy if she just quit growing right now. Seriously, look at that face. When did she become a legit little person instead of just a wee baby?!


marie said...

I love that sweet face!

Michelle said...

glad to hear mine aren't the only ones who never start anything!

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