Thursday, September 27, 2012

Philosophy and Photography

Another month is nearly gone, so as usual I'm back with some funny bits I want to remember about my Chuckles:

* I was buckling Charlotte into her carseat when she looked at me and said, "Is this real?" I asked "is what real," to which she responded, "all this," motioning around her. Through our conversation I learned that she wants to make sure our planet is real and her idea of how to do that is to go into outer space to see it. She says she'll go to school to become an astronaut first and then she'll come back and be a firefighter. Okaaaay...

* Charlotte loves Hearty. Like really loves her. She dresses her just so for every occasion and gives her lots of hugs and love. And she always knows where she is. Except for one morning when she was left on my bed. Charlotte was searching for her and finally spied her from her position at the foot of the bed. So, because I'm sure this makes sense to a 4 year old, she climbed on the bed and leapt from the foot of it up to the head of it to grab Hearty. I was still in bed at the time. And nearly had a heart attack.

* As much as Charlotte loves Hearty, I love So You Think You Can Dance. It's easily my favorite show. We were watching the finale the other day (yay Eliana!!) and listening to the judges critique Chehon's performance. Charlotte looked over at me and said, "I like the Eliana. You know Eliana and Cyrus, when he was a robot and she was a ballerina." I was floored that she got their names right and remembered the details of a routine that aired weeks earlier. Like a sponge. (Check out the routine here if you haven't seen it before.)

* Charlotte's been potty-trained for a long time now, but we still struggle with hand washing. She knows she needs to clean up after and will remind you to as well if you don't head to the sink immediately. That said, she tries to get out of "needing" her hands cleaned all the time. She thinks if she doesn't touch the potty or wipe (ie. gets Mark or I to do those things), she can get out of handwashing. Not gonna fly baby.

* I mentioned in my post about The Color Run that we bought Charlotte a waterproof camera a while back. We haven't put the waterproof feature to the test yet, but that thing has lived up to it's shockproof claim. It's been dropped from several feet high a million times over with no damage to it and no change to the quality of the photos. It's not the most fantastic camera out there, but Charlotte loves having a camera of her own to use. Here are some of her captures:


marie said...

Wow! Her self-portrait is....very interesting!

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