Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Do you know what today is? September 26th. Right. And do you know what is one month from today? October 26th. My birthday. I'll be turning 31 (eesh, when did that happen?!?!) and so decided to put together a list of 31 things I love, just in case someone (ahemhusbandthatwouldbeyou) needs some ideas.

1. Traveling in the US. This book seems to have some great ideas for that.
2. Europe would be good too.
3. Charlotte's artwork. Perhaps made into magnets.
4. Chalkboards.
5. Silly home decor items.
6. Taking pictures. How about a new camera or lens?
7. Yeah, the camera and lens are pricey. Maybe a new camera bag instead.
8. A good steak.
9. Walt Disney World. Good thing I have two trips planned for next year!
10. Old quilts.
11. Sleep. ;)
12. No really. Sleep.
13. Jason's Deli.
14. Art with words. The Wheatfield and Pen & Paint have some really great pieces.
15. Thrifting with my mom and sister.
16. Dinnertime with my family. Conversation starters would be fun.
17. Tried and true family recipes like chicken soup and pork spaghetti. Them made into custom art would be awesome.
18. Tea towels.
19. Old books.
20. Starbucks iced green tea.
21. New, pretty kitchens. ;)
22. Lime margaritas.
23. Singing in the shower. This radio would help drown out my pitchiness.
24. Pedicures.
25. Vintage sheets. I'm especially on the lookout for plaids and stripes.
26. Movie nights.
27. Groovy needlepoint.
28. More groovy needlepoint.
29. Even more groovy needlepoint.
30. Vintage paint by numbers.
31. World peace. ;)


marie said...

Nice list...I checked out the lens. There's only "4 remaining". Guess we'll need to get our order in.
31!!??? Whoa!

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