Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Queen Mum

I was browsing Apartment Therapy a while back and came across this article that featured a color chart showing what the Queen's preferences in clothing were over the course of a year. The illustration struck me for a couple reasons. First, Mark is British and therefore loves just about anything with the Royal Family. Tins, mugs, tea towels... we've got it all. Second, I like color and loads of it. That's evident all over the house. So this particular piece seemed like the perfect marriage (haha, so punny) of my and Mark's predilections. I scoured the web for the largest size of it I could find, sized it up a bit more so that it'd fit a 12x18 sheet, and had it printed at Staples for just a few bucks. Into a frame I already had on hand it went, and we were left with the vignette you see below, which is atop a wardrobe in our bedroom.

Isn't it fun?! I love when a plan comes together and comes together cheaply. And I love getting items crossed off my to do list, even if it didn't happen until early September instead of August. Progess is progress, right?

Sources: Security Food Pail - Bellalulu Vintage, Fake Plant - Michael's, Corked Glass Jar - thrifted, Plaid Tins - Ikea, White Frame - Target

P.S. Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday Mark!! I promise this artwork isn't your gift. ;)


marie said...

This looks great! LOVE the artwork!!

Jo said...

Very nice. It looks awesome next to the plaid tins. Happy Birthday Mark!

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