Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Goals

We're a week into the month of August, and aside from creating a new Nike campaign with my sister, I haven't accomplished much. The Olympics, while I love them, are really putting the kabash on my productivity. So I've decided I need a list of goals for the month. Not too many, because there is still a lot of the Games left to be played and I'll likely be glued to the tv for much of that time. But here's the should-be-doable list:

* Paint art for my bedroom. I know what I want to paint. I have the canvas. I probably even have the paint. I just need to get my act together and get it done. And since I can do it with Olympics coverage playing in the background (it'd be super appropriate actually - more on that later), there's really no excuse.

* Finish painting the chair for my bedroom. I started painting it several days back, but ran out of paint. So now I just need to pick up another can, do a better job prepping my painting space (I did it barefoot last time - not a great idea) and finish the job.

* Print some free art for my bedroom. Are you noticing a theme yet?! I've decided to focus on our bedroom. I just recently found a piece on Pinterest that I want to print and frame. I like my art to either be vintage or funny or both, and this piece will counter the kitschy big-eyed girl prints and needlepoints that I already have in the space.

* Reorganize my bedroom. A while back, when an antique mall in my area closed for good, I picked up a leggy cabinet for a steal at just $23. It's been in my bedroom for months now, completely unused. Which makes no sense at all since I have piles of out-of-season clothes, linens, etc sitting around the room. So now is the time to organize and find everything a permanent home.

Do you have a list of things to accomplish this month?


marie said...

That's what I need.....a list!!

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