Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bunting Mania

Ever since I opted to put bunting on Charlotte's party invitations I've been noticing it everywhere. Some examples are made the same way I crafted mine, while others are worlds apart in design.

I really love this "I Do" Bunting made from an old wedding dress! The idea of using an item that would otherwise sit folded in a closet for decades to make something you can appreciate every day is pretty great. Check out the details over at Be Different... Act Normal.

Simple paper bunting is a great idea too. This one from Aubrey + Lindsay's Little House Blog uses plain colored paper, but you could jazz it up by using patterned or metallic paper (I happen to love the plain paper though).

If you don't have space to hang actual bunting you could always pick up this great illustration by Moonbeam Ice Cream. I love all the color and pattern!

But I think this new duvet cover from Urban Outfitters is my fave of all the bunting I've seen. If only it came in twin size! It'd be a serious contender for the big girl bed that Charlotte will be getting in the next few months.

Have you been seeing bunting everywhere lately too? Do you love it as much as I do?


marie said...

Bunting IS everywhere! I love all the ones you've featured ~ too sad about the duvet cover. that would have been cute for Chuckles.

Here's a post that shows a greeting card with bunting on it. Cute idea!

Jesse said...

It is everywhere! Super cute too!

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