Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dancing, Burping, Rescuing and More

I've blogged about some of the random stuff I love about Charlotte in the past (<----- click each word to see the old lists) and am back with some more tidbits of fun. I'm hoping to make this a monthly occurrence, since my memory gets worse and worse all the time and I figure these anecdotes will be forgotten before she even gets to preschool if I don't document them somehow. So, here we go with the list:

* The video I posted earlier in the week shows that Charlotte loves to sing and dance. Her favorite time to do so is at the end of a movie (any movie) when they play music to the credits. She forces Mark and I to join in, and usually we each have to partner up with a stuffed animal.

* Her new response to something being given to her (present, cookie, dinner, etc) is "For meeeee?!?"

* She likes to hold baby dolls over her shoulder and pat their back until the baby she burps. She even came over to me after I burped, patted me on the back and asked "You ok sweetie?"

* She's into princesses big time and regularly stands on the stairs with a piece of ribbon draped over the railing, calling for me to come over so she can rescue Princess Momma (apparantly she's going to pull me up from the depths of the family room). When I get tired of it, she calls for Princess Daddy.

* She rarely gives kisses, but is quick to put out her cheek to receive one.

* While removing flowered wallpaper in our dining room Charlotte asked what we were doing. Mark and I explained that we were taking the flowers down from the wall. She took a nap while we finished and when she woke up she looked at the wall, gasped and exclaimed "Good job Momma, Daddy!"

* She likes to fist pump Oliver and give two thumbs up anytime she's excited about something.

* If she can choose to pick from different colored things, she will always pick blue. Each and every time.


sara said...

The "For meeee" made me laugh. What a character!

And could those eyes be any more gorgeous?!

Regina said...

That little girl makes my life brighter.

marie said...

Perfect plan for remembering all the (fun, sweet, silly, loving) things Charlotte does. And she does so many....

One of my current favorites is when I came to visit her the other day and she gasped and said, "Daddy, Gramma's home"!! Then she proceeded to give me a heart melting hug, while saying, "Gramma, you're home, you're home!"
Love this baby!!!

Jo said...

This is a wonderful list and the idea of doing it once a month is great. It will be so fun to look back, even next year. This is such a fun age, the coming months should definitely be entertaining.

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