Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pajamas, Squeezes & Prayers

* Charlotte likes to pick out her pajamas each night. In her little mind all shades of blue match (exhibit a) and stripes are meant to be worn with other stripes (exhibit b). Even when from afar everything looks nicely coordinated, a closer look shows animals that are not even remotely related (exhibit c).

* Charlotte often says "cheers" and then clinks glasses (or forks, french fries, cheese puffs, etc) with whoever is sitting closest to her.

* Apparantly we watch too many videos online because Charlotte recently mentioned that black is the new black without prompting. And she often requests "my favorite do do do" (the do do do do is the chimes in the music).

* The other day Charlotte saw the photo I included on this post and asked for a lollipop, because she remembered that she was eating some when the photo was taken.

* On a similar note, Charlotte saw this photo of Oliver and proclaimed that she loved him, then put her hands up to the computer screen and said, "Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze."

* We say prayers every night before bed. Up until recently it's just been me saying them, but as of late Charlotte tries to join in. Here's what I normally say (I've put the parts Charlotte also says in bold): Dear Jesus, thank you for this day. Thank you for Momma and Daddy and Charlotte. We pray that Charlotte has a good night's sleep and wakes up happy and healthy. In Jesus' name, Amen.


marie said...

This is such a neat way to remember things she does or says....you'll appreciate having it all recorded when she's all grown up.

Cheers and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!!

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