Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Month of May

It just recently occurred to me that I haven't made a to do list in a while. Months probably. Which explains why I haven't accomplished much around the house in the past few months. Sure, we've worked on the yard and shopped for Charlotte's room, but crafty DIY projects have been few and far between around here. I plan to remedy that and have come up with a short to do list for May. I realize we're still nearly a week away from May, but I figure allowing myself a couple extra days can't hurt. So here's what I hope to get done:

* Plan and throw Charlotte an awesome 4th birthday party - if you recall, the theme is 'flowers', at her request. This will involve a lot of little projects (I mean, you've seen last year's party, right) and preparing for it will take up much of the month. Aside from a few ideas I've pinned, I haven't accomplished much. Must get on that!

* Make some progress in Charlotte's room - I've got sheets waiting to be turned into curtains and art ready to be framed and hung. Why am I stalling?

* Gussy up the blog - Yeah, I've mentioned this a couple times already, but haven't done anything about it yet. Well, that's not true. I purchased a template I love and just need to add some extra touches to make it my own. The idea of sizing down all my photos (the new blog will be a bit narrower) is daunting, but needs to be done. And I'd scheduling time to make it happen.

* Drink more water - Alright, arlight. This is definitely not crafty or DIY, but it's something I really should be better about. Aside from when we go out to sit-down meals, I can't remember the last time I drank water. And that's horrible. So I'm going to start now.

Do you have a to do list you're working on? How are you fairing?


marie said...

I'm looking forward to a flower party...I'm even willing to help.

Yes...why are you stalling?

Maybe you need a giant water bottle for your desk at work...hmmmm.

My blog really needs to be gussied up...wanna help?

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