Thursday, July 12, 2012

Olympic Fever

Do you have it? I do. My sister does. So do our friends and family. We love all things Olympic and have started to think about what we'll do to celebrate this year's games. Traditionally, we have a meal during the opening ceremony that is reflective of that games' host country, so this year it'll be cottage pie. And we rank each country's "costume" during the opening ceremony with a 5 ring rating system. Yup, we literally hold up papers with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 rings to reflect how much we like their garb. But, given that my sister hosted a fantastic Harry Potter party recently, and given that Charlotte's birthday parties (year two, three and four) have been pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, we've got the up the ante. So I've been doing a little research. Here are some fun Olympics ideas that we may do, and you should consider doing them too:

* Looking at great moments in Olympic history is sure to get you in the mood, and you could read through them as a part of your celebration. Kerry Strug pulling it out for USA gymnastics anyone?!

* You could serve some Olympic themed cupcakes, and play games like pass the torch, and Olympic bingo

* These invites would be super-cute for getting the word out about your party

* Your guests will love you if you served this Olympic ring fruit pizza

* And these photo booth props would be perfect for adults or kids

* It's pretty pricey, but Ursula Hitz's Game Torch 2012 is really awesome

* Love Rachel Whiteread's Olympic art (number 3 in the link) and it's something you and your kids could make easy enough

* Speaking of kids, Red Ted Art's Blog has tons of ideas for activities to do with them

* How about celebrating by dressing up yourself, maybe with a themed hat

Whatever we decide to do, I'll be sure to share the awesomeness right here. :)


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