Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Closer Look

On Monday I showed you the chalkboard wall in my kitchen, which I use to write down our dinner plans for the week. I'm back today to share what else is on that wall.

Waaaaaaay back in March I mentioned that I'd be doing a little shopping at I purchased that cool white cuckoo clock in March, but it took me a few months to hang it on the wall, and then another few months to photograph it. Yeah. It's pretty shameful, I know. But don't let that make you think I'm not pleased with it. Because I totally am. I love that it's traditional, but in a quirky sort of way. It's made of white acrylic (also available in orange) and sits about an inch out from the wall. So fun!

Also on that wall is a Teapots print from Etsy seller lauraamiss. My mom got it for me a while back and it makes me smile every time I see it. Mark's British, so it's a bit of a nod to him and has that same traditional but quirky quality that the cuckoo clock does. And last up is a vintage safety strainer (another gift from my mom - probably found on Etsy) that I attached a copy of last year's Christmas card too. It's still one of my favorite photos of Charlotte!

What hangs on your kitchen walls?


marie said...

Love that arrangement ~ the photo of Charlotte is one of my favorites of her too.

RE: my kitchen walls...a huge red framed bulletin is the only thing hanging. It's hard to decide what to hang after the new paint job!

Jo said...

It all looks very nice. I actually thought the clock was painted on, but I guess that was kind of stupid to think that... Haha.

We don't have anything new hanging on the walls in our kitchen. We still have the cloth dolls that were hung up by my grandmother 30 some years ago, when they first moved in.

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