Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November To Do List

Some big name bloggers (Sherry, Katie, Ana and Erin) are doing another Pinterest Challenge this month. I had grand plans to get some fun stuff accomplished to share with the masses, but a little something I like to call "a self-diagnosed sinus infection" thwarted my plan. Instead here's a recap of some Pinterest-inspired projects I've completed in the past.

(Clockwise from top left: crate bookcase, Dad Rocks paperweight, apple print painting, marshmallow sculptures, cross stitch wall art)

And because I know I get a lot more accomplished when I have a plan, here's what I want to get done this month:

* Paint the dresser in the spare bedroom (pin inspiration)
* Hang artwork in Charlotte's bedroom (pin inspiration)
* Create a Thanksgiving tree (pin inspiration)
* Make a (possibly Christmas) dress for Charlotte (pin inspiration)
* Finish making cloth napkins (pin inspiration)
* Make a Christmas garland (pin inspiration)
* Plan out a Christmas countdown and related activities (pin inspiration)

What are you hoping to cross off your to do list this month?


Anonymous said...

Drop 30 pounds
Join a gym with the Mrs.
Pay off 1000 dollars of our debt
Teach our son how to use the bathroom

Jo said...

Sounds like a good to-do list. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

The cross stitch wall art is beautiful!

marie said...

I love all your projects and I can't wait to see the next bunch.

hmmm....I wonder who left that first comment?

Peeper said...

I admire your ambition and look forward to the finished projects as the month goes on!

My list includes:

We have a busy month of travel, job interviews, and call schedules ahead of us. I'd just like to reach the end of it intact :)

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